Have You Driven North Branford Lately?

Aaaaaaand WE’RE BACK!
Missed us? Yeah, we were on hiatus while we both worked on solo projects. Don’t worry, there are no plans to disband. (But let’s be honest, if we did, Emme would be the Kelly Rowland to my Beyonce Knowles.) Anyway, once upon a time, two incredibly brilliant and sexy ladies took a trip to North Branford…
Wiki Me
As you loyal readers know, the OneSixNine girls love looking up towns on Wikipedia, where we learn things like that North Branford is a Town in New Haven County with a population just short of 14,000 spanning 26.6 square miles. One of the town’s most notable residents is former 7th Heaven star Adam LaVorgna.  Also, the North Branford High School baseball team is the official high school baseball team of OneSixNine. (That’s not on Wikipedia… yet.)
See Something

Accompanied by the OneSixNine entourage, we went to check out the amusement and recreation options at  The Connecticut Sportsplex.  Unfortunately, the only competition OneSixNine entourage members ever excelled at was Academic Decathlon, so we stayed away from the Connecticut Sportsplex activities involving,  well, sports.  We went in for one of their specials – The Laser Tag Fun Pack – which is two rounds of laser tag, 20 arcade tokens, and free soda at the concessions area, all for the low, low price of $13.

We really got down to business when it came to spending our 20 arcade tokens. While the Family Fun center doesn’t have a ton of arcade games (it’s no Smiles Entertainment Center, a/k/a The Entertainment Center Formerly Known As Milford Amusement) it’s certainly got enough to keep you busy while you’re waiting for your turn at laser tag.

The Scene at the Family Fun Center

Wack-a-Mole, anyone?

The Deal or No Deal machine, in a perpetual state of "No Deal."

Of course, the best part of a visit to any place with Skeeball and Push-A-Coin is the fervent, irrational pursuit of tickets for the purpose of winning low quality toys. Entourage member Jay was on a mission to win us a new friend to accompany us while OneSixNining. Her name is Dora, she is inflatable, and we understand she is quite the adventuress.

Dor-ahh the Explor-ahh or Dorer the Explorer, depending on which accent Emme is using.

The Prize Counter

Do Something

Just so you all know, I am a Laser Tag connoisseur.  Just hand me a Nerf blaster and set me loose in an old warehouse filled with mirrors and old tires covered in fluorescent paint? You must not know ’bout me. However, I am pleased to report that the Connecticut Sportsplex laser tag is high quality. It has accurate guns and a big, well-maintained, two-level arena.  A+

Now, if you’re not a laser tag person, and are looking for something more along the lines of a hybrid of jai alai and bumper cars, the Connecticut Sportsplex has the activity for you! “Cyber Sport (TM) combines a sporting experience with a highly maneuverable vehicle that adults and kids love to play.”  It’s also the favorite activity of Americans who want to make fools of themselves.

Even getting in the cars is tough for us

Eat Something

After the Sportsplex, we went to dinner at Abate where the service is friendly,  the chicken is lemony,  the pasta is delicious and Dora was almost left behind.

We learned that Abate took first place in the North Branford Pizza War. Abate defeated Amato’s, Bella Lisa, Bobby’s, Lomonaco’s, Lombardi’s, Oregano’s, Slice and Giovanni’s. Not participating in the war was Luigi’s Antimilitarist Apizza, which was granted status as a conscientious objector.

Drink Something

After Abate’s we headed over to Doody’s Totoket Inn, conveniently located near Abate’s. Doody’s is a pretty nice little divey bar. The clientele seemed nice and politely tolerated a bunch of people hanging out with an inflatable Dora the Explorer.

Talk to Someone

I have to give props to Emme, she actually chatted up some folks at Doody’s and learned all about the scene there. Me? I just sat there and talked to Dora. She taught me how to say “cerveza” and told me all about her journey to the Purple Planet. Que emocionante!

Lessons in Connecticuting:

  1. Unlike our Clinton journey, we learned that there’s not much to do in North Branford any time of the year, with the exception of the Potato and Corn Festival.  Yep, you read that right.
  2. Talking to strangers is much easier in dive bars than it is on the street.  Did you know that Doody’s is a family restaurant, owned by at least 3 generations of Doodys?
  3. Surprisngly enough, a restaurant can be named after feces and still be successful.
  4. Elle likes to think that being Beyonce makes her the cooler blogger, but obviously she’s forgotten the Nelly and Kelly hit “Dilemma.”
  5. Having a local as a guide is super convenient.  Having a sportsplex is even more convenient.  Having a professional explorer is the most convenient.

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