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Pour House’s Greatest Honor

Looks like the mystery of Elle and Emme’s true identities is just too great for some people to pass up.  The lovely folks over at the Pour House in Hartford have graced us with their greatest honor… On February 1, 2010, it is officially Elle & Emme Night!  Which, as I understand it, is like being given the key to the city.   This puts us on par with Terrell Owens (Buffalo, NY), Shaquille O’Neal (Miami, FL), Sonny Perdue (Franklin Springs, GA), Glenn Beck (Mount Vernon, WA), and Saddam Hussein (Detroit, MI).  So, like, it’s a really grand honor.

Now obviously our Pour House friends don’t understand the whole anonymous blogging thing, and we’re curious as to whether they’ll serve us free drinks if we show up with ID’s saying ______ and _________.*  So if YOUR name is Elle or Emme, we double recommend that you come, and bring your friends, cause then at least you’ll get free drinks.

So we’d love for you to come join us and meet our Twitter friends, the Pour House staff, on February 1.  Yes, it’s a Monday.  No, we don’t care that you have work the next day.  See you there?  Emme promises to show off her accidental Canadian accent by saying “Pour House” a lot.

*Names omitted to protect the innocent.


New Year’s Resolution: See More Towns!

We kicked off 2010 in Connecticut’s own North Branford — in which of the 169 did you choose to start the first day of the rest of your life?

Our resolutions?

  1. Find something fun to do in Clinton.
  2. See 160 more towns.
  3. Don’t allow the state to declare any new municipalities and screw up our blog name.
  4. See every tribal sovereignty located within Connecticut.
  5. Have actual conversations with people.
  6. Show that Guy Who has No Respect for Oscar-Winner Art Carney who’s boss.

Any other suggestions for us?

All I Want(ed) For Christmas

Since Santa failed to bring me the space age weaponry I wanted for Christmas, I guess I’ll have to be a little more proactive and get it myself…. it’s time for laser tag!   Join us today at the Connecticut Sportsplex with a gaggle of Elle’s New Haven County friends as we experience the off-season in North Branford.  I say off-season because, so far, the only noteworthy event is the town’s annual Roasted Corn and Baked Potato Festival held in August.  No, I didn’t make that up.

Come rain, snow, sleet, or hail.

While Elle hems and haws over the weather report (storm warning in New Haven County takes effect at noon… not til 4pm in Hartford County!), I’m hemming and hawing over whether it’s lame to wear my flannel lined khakis to the brewery to show how aware I am of the extreme weather conditions, thanking the automotive gods for four-wheel drive, and wondering if the extreme conditions are an angry divine response to (1) my belief in automotive gods or (2) my intentions to visit both a seminary AND a non-denominational megachurch today.

Either way, the OneSixNine girls are totally not going to be slowed down by a little national weather alert.  A toast to that!  See you at Hooker.

Turn that Frown Upside Down

The Courant shared this tidbit with me today:

Connecticut is the second least happy state in the country according to a survey of 1.3 million people across the country by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Obviously not enough Connecticut folk are reading the OneSixNine blog.  Come join our fun!  A study of the happiest countries in the world put Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands rated at the top of the list, ranking first, second and third, respectively.  Since Denmark is #7 on the heaviest drinking countries, I’ll going to assume a causal link.  Since I endeavor to make Connecticut a happier place, I will suggest all our readers join us at the Hooker Brewery this weekend.  Do it for Connecticut!

Bloomfield, Connecticut—As Beautiful as its Name Implies!

Hey, don’t ask us, ask whoever wrote the town’s website text.  They said it, not me!  Actually, we’re pretty excited to be going somewhere as beautiful as Bloomfield claims to be… even in this weather!  So we’re going to warm up with a few Hookers — only $5!  Come join us! — and then maybe seek penance at Connecticut’s first megachurch or the local seminary, which looks totally stunning.   I think we’ll skip this round of hiking — it’s cold out! — but we haven’t decided the rest of our day.  Bummer that the farm implements museum met an early demise, but there appears to be some nice looking and/or architecturally significant buildings in the Bloomfield area.  No James van der Beek,  but I guess we can settle for Indianapoliz Colts well-paid, if not well spoken, defensive end Dwight Freeney.  Hey Elle, maybe he’s single?  We’ll see…. Anyways.  Suggestions for food in Bloomfield, anyone?  One elite Yelp listmaker has some options for us, but we’re always open to other ideas.

Man of LaManchester (Part One)

Yes, it took a whole week to recover from our visit to Manchester and to even START to get our thoughts and feelings on paper.  What slowed down the speedy OneSixNine writing team?  Was it the 4.748 miles?  The village charm?  Did Safety Man frighten Emme (me) so much that she couldn’t bear to look at photos of the day?

None of the above.  The real slow-down was cheesy and delicious.  And you’re going to want some.  But first… let’s learn a little bit about the Silk City.  It’s in Hartford County, and therefore wicked convenient for me.  It’s funny, how easily places like Manchester can get roped into a reputation for being a mall town… there’s actually a lot of stuff there and, for someone new to the area like me, it’s interesting to think that it used to be a major farming community and was home to lots of manufacturing plants (silk mills, actually… hence the nickname).  As you’ll eventually learn, the OneSixNine girls have assorted reasons for undertaking this grand endeavor — one of mine is definitely to see more than just the malls and parking lots and highways.  So Manchester was a pleasant surprise.

See Something

Village Charm aside (it’s their motto, if you missed it), Manchester is definitely a big box paradise.  According to Wikipedia, the city has three museums — a firefighting museum, a children’s museum, and a town historical museum.  And yet it seems pretty clear that almost all Manchester passersby are mall-bound.  Buckland Hills, Buckland Plaza, and the confusingly named Plaza at Buckland.  No offense, Manchester, but work on the creativity a bit?

But yeah, forget the charm, the Man has got Malls.  When Elle and I got to town on Thanksgiving Eve, that was definitely the case.  After all, who doesn’t love pregaming Black Friday with a little Empty-Mall Wednesday!?

We were hoping to sit on Santa’s lap and try to negotiate a Mall Santa photo in which neither of the OneSixNine girls looked at the camera, but there’s wasn’t a Santa at the mall!  I was horrified.  They did have a holiday train, but it was closed when we got there — downgrade.

Once again, can you find Emme in this photo? (Hint: She isn't made of snow).

Eat Something

Mmmmmmmm.  Now, let me preface this by reminding you that we went to Manchester on Thanksgiving Eve, and woke up Thanksgiving morning to run a road race.  Any athlete worth her salt would know that loading up on dairy and fried food is a bad pre-race menu.  Fortunately, neither Elle nor I are particularly accomplished athletes, so we can throw caution to the wind and burgers into our mouths (a la Garfield with lasagna, I might add).  Enter: Shady Glen.

Where I Plan to Hold my Wedding Reception

Oh lord.  Things for which I am thankful: Shady Glen cheeseburgers.  The way they make the burgers greasy in the good way, perfectly formed, heavy with cheese and yet somehow with a crispy cheesy layer.  The fries are perfect.  The whole scene, it’s the sort of thing my father used to compare every burger place to (even though he’d definitely never been to the Glen), no apparent concern for fats or cholesterol, and totally in violation of any diet either OneSixNine girl has ever been on… well, except Emme’s sudden “I need to gain weight!” diet last year, which she instantly regretted.  Anyways, the Glen.  It’s more than just burgers.

But the burgers are really good, too. Look at that cheese!

We also decided to take advantage of that 1950s feel and not worry about adding some ice cream to our order.  Especially since they had some seasonally appropriate flavors:  Egg Nog for Elle and Peppermint for Emme.  Oh god.  Delish.

Elle on the left, Emme on the right!

Talk to Someone

If you’re going to talk to someone, you might as well make good with the waitress, right?  Especially when the waitress is bringing you two delicious cheesy crispy omigoodness I need to drive back to Manchester right now cheeseburgers.  So we chatted her up — apparently EVERYONE asks how the cheese comes out that way, because it seems like they’re the only place anyone ever sees it.  Her response was pretty vague (“the cook, well, he lets the cheese touch the grill when he’s making the burger, and then he like, um, flips it” — I’m no Food Network personality, but that makes no sense).

Drink Something

One of my coworkers swore that the Hungry Tiger (which we kept referring to as the Thirsty Lion) used to be a great scene for music.  The entertainment options on Thanksgiving Eve didn’t really interest us, but we grabbed a beer and decided to check it out.  I’m a fan of places with a lot of entertaining signage, and I find bars warning me to beware of pickpockets and loose women are usually my kind of bar.  It was a dive, kind of an older crowd, but definitely somewhere I would be happy to return to.

And, they were pretty welcoming to the runners.  Speaking of…

Welcome Ba Runners.

Do Something

I come from south of Boston, where ‘road race’ means the Marathon or Falmouth’s 7 miler, but apparently the Manchester Road Race’s 4.478 mile course is the SECOND largest road race in New England!  This is the part where we get really excited to show you the awesome costumes and runners and puppies dressed like turkeys, but my camera is seriously busted and I can’t find a replacement battery ANYWHERE.  SO, we’ll let you sit and wonder exactly what we DID in Manchester for a few days longer….