Pour House’s Greatest Honor

Looks like the mystery of Elle and Emme’s true identities is just too great for some people to pass up.  The lovely folks over at the Pour House in Hartford have graced us with their greatest honor… On February 1, 2010, it is officially Elle & Emme Night!  Which, as I understand it, is like being given the key to the city.   This puts us on par with Terrell Owens (Buffalo, NY), Shaquille O’Neal (Miami, FL), Sonny Perdue (Franklin Springs, GA), Glenn Beck (Mount Vernon, WA), and Saddam Hussein (Detroit, MI).  So, like, it’s a really grand honor.

Now obviously our Pour House friends don’t understand the whole anonymous blogging thing, and we’re curious as to whether they’ll serve us free drinks if we show up with ID’s saying ______ and _________.*  So if YOUR name is Elle or Emme, we double recommend that you come, and bring your friends, cause then at least you’ll get free drinks.

So we’d love for you to come join us and meet our Twitter friends, the Pour House staff, on February 1.  Yes, it’s a Monday.  No, we don’t care that you have work the next day.  See you there?  Emme promises to show off her accidental Canadian accent by saying “Pour House” a lot.

*Names omitted to protect the innocent.


2 responses to “Pour House’s Greatest Honor

  1. Wait… There’s MORE than one Pour House??? in the WORLD? who are you guys, Pinky & The Brain?

  2. Carbombs? The grandson of Oscar winner Art Carney is not invited this time.

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