New Year’s Resolution: See More Towns!

We kicked off 2010 in Connecticut’s own North Branford — in which of the 169 did you choose to start the first day of the rest of your life?

Our resolutions?

  1. Find something fun to do in Clinton.
  2. See 160 more towns.
  3. Don’t allow the state to declare any new municipalities and screw up our blog name.
  4. See every tribal sovereignty located within Connecticut.
  5. Have actual conversations with people.
  6. Show that Guy Who has No Respect for Oscar-Winner Art Carney who’s boss.

Any other suggestions for us?


3 responses to “New Year’s Resolution: See More Towns!

  1. I don’t think the Guy Who Has No Respect For Oscar Winner Art Carney (hereinafter “GWHNRFOWAC”) has any idea that he has new archnemeses.

  2. I like the word “archnemeses.”

  3. I see you’re a connosieur of laser tag, but have you tried the outdoor version. Great exercise and a lot more strategic than the indoor version, more like paintball in the open but with the advantage that no one gets messy or hurt.

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