Bloomfield, Connecticut—As Beautiful as its Name Implies!

Hey, don’t ask us, ask whoever wrote the town’s website text.  They said it, not me!  Actually, we’re pretty excited to be going somewhere as beautiful as Bloomfield claims to be… even in this weather!  So we’re going to warm up with a few Hookers — only $5!  Come join us! — and then maybe seek penance at Connecticut’s first megachurch or the local seminary, which looks totally stunning.   I think we’ll skip this round of hiking — it’s cold out! — but we haven’t decided the rest of our day.  Bummer that the farm implements museum met an early demise, but there appears to be some nice looking and/or architecturally significant buildings in the Bloomfield area.  No James van der Beek,  but I guess we can settle for Indianapoliz Colts well-paid, if not well spoken, defensive end Dwight Freeney.  Hey Elle, maybe he’s single?  We’ll see…. Anyways.  Suggestions for food in Bloomfield, anyone?  One elite Yelp listmaker has some options for us, but we’re always open to other ideas.


6 responses to “Bloomfield, Connecticut—As Beautiful as its Name Implies!

  1. I’m pretty sure Bloomfield is “the most” or certainly among the most in the country; integrated communities in the United States.

    Considering our history, the whole state should do as well.

  2. “catholic school girls”

    Are you trying to attract a different sort of visitor?

    Bloomfield was also home to the best basketball player ever to come out of Connecticut: Nykesha Sales.

    ACR, by the way, the link in your name doesn’t work.

  3. >>ACR, by the way, the link in your name doesn’t work.

    There’s a very good reason for that.

    I’m an idiot.

    The one on this post will or;

  4. The brewery is your best bet… all the museums in town are closed, but you may get an appt to see this totally awesome msueum –

    To eat, there is a great Italian bakery right in the town center next to Ginza and a really good Thai place. too bad the david glass cheesecake factory (with endless free samples) is now closed.

    I just may take you up on your offer to join you for a beer… With my crazy kid in tow though. 1ish?

  5. Wally East, you know we’ll do anything to get more readers!

  6. And Steve, we’ll be there around 1 or 1:30… Elle will be the girl obsessed with the Hooker attire for sale. Emme will be the girl drinking. Bea (who you may remember from will be joining us as well. You’ll be surprised to learn that ratehr than an now-deceased Golden Girl, our Bea is in fact a twenty-something italian male.

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