I’ll Link To That… Some More!

If you’ve been angered by the lack of completeness of the Manchester entry, be mad at Emme. Also, if you’ve been angered by the lack of outings since Thanksgiving, you can be mad at Emme for that, too. However, if you’re mad at Emme and would like advice on picking out the perfect set of organic basketweave drapes this holiday season, she can totally make it up to you.

The OneSixNine activity has slowed down because of some busy holiday schedules (and Emme’s seasonal retail job). That doesn’t mean we still don’t love our readers. We love you readers. We love you so much we want to enter into a polygamous marriage with all 6 of you.

To show you the extent of our Bill Paxton-esque love, I thought I would throw you out another “I’ll Link To That” entry. Let’s meet our blogging stars!

The C(u)T. Took me a while to find this one just now, because I was searching for “In the Cut” and kept coming up with the 2003 Meg Ryan erotic thriller written and directed by Jane Campion. Man, and I thought I was having a bad week before that. Anyway, I’ll let The Cut kids speak for themselves:

“We love Connecticut like you might love your annoying sister, who you make fun of all the time, but defend whenever anyone else calls her virtues into question. Mostly, we figure you can’t complain if you aren’t going to do anything to help the situation. So, we bring you The CuT, an online “magazine” written by the young people of Connecticut, for the young people of the Connecticut. We hope to be irreverent, topical and show the world what Connecticut has to offer – and to do it with a self-depreciating sense of humor.”

Nutmeg Kitchen – Zoe P. (who’s a lover of Emme’s holiday nursery rhyme references, even though I wish people wouldn’t encourage her) blogs for “eaters out and locovore scratch chefs and everybody who does a little of both, or falls somewhere in between.” I’m all about the eating out. Emme can cover the cooking. Also, Zoe is from New Haven. What up, Elm City!

As you all know, if there’s one thing the OneSixNine girls love doing it’s checking things off lists. This is why we totally respect the efforts of Cafe Connecticut, a blog which has endeavored to personally sample and review every dish on Connecticut Magazine’s list of 50 Dishes To Try Before You Die. We plan on hitting up some of these places as we check towns off our big list.

Also, on a completely unrelated-to-Connecticut note, I also enjoy Disapproving Rabbits. Just sayin’.


5 responses to “I’ll Link To That… Some More!

  1. I misread that tag as “disapproving rabbis” – which really colored my view coming into the whole post, given Emme’s action-packed rabbi history… OOPS! Sorry Elle!

  2. Murph, “Disapproving Rabbis” would be an excellent blog. You should get on that! I hear Emme knows some people…

  3. the chosen people chose me!

  4. We should team up for the forces of evil…or good, whatever.

  5. Absolutely we should team up! There’s a lot of Connecticut to cover – that’s a lot of potential irreverence!

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