Getting ready for our next TRIPtophan

I know, I know, it’s tryptophan.  But it’s a pun, get it?  Trip? Tryp?  Anyways, while Elle wraps up the account of our Cheshire adventures, I wanted to set your minds at ease… because real-world people have been asking (don’t you know we’re anonymous!?  Gosh!) where our next journey is.  What short memories some of you have!  While you’re settling in for a day of gluttony, we’re off feeling self-important running the Manchester Road Race tomorrow morning!  Tonight, though, we’re going to forgo awkward seeing-everyone-we-graduated-from-high-school-with visits to our hometowns to instead set our sights on that city with village charm.  A TWO-DAY town visit, coming up!  See you out in Manchester tonight or on the course tomorrow.  And, of course, we look forward to your comments on the Cheshire post, going up later today!


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