Meet You In The Middlefield

Now that Emme is back home in the Nutmeg State we’re planning our outing for this weekend. We decided to take advantage of the seasonal attractions at Lyman Orchards in Middlefield. Maybe while we’re there we’ll hike the Mattabesett Trail, stop in for a bite at Guida’s Restaurant or a have a beer at the Red Dog Saloon Cafe.

So, to all the Middlefield experts out there, what say you? Where should we spend our time on our day in Central Connecticut?


3 responses to “Meet You In The Middlefield

  1. The Red Dog might be closed. It sure looked like it last time I drove past – it used to be a 100% biker bar. If it IS closed, I can’t think of anywhere else in that town to get a drink.

    Yeah man, from Guida’s lot you can take the Mattabesett up to some great views without too much effort. About 40% of what you did to nab Frissell. Just follow the blue blazes.

  2. >>The Red Dog might be closed

    This could be another sign of the end of time.

    I’ve never set foot in the place; but have been impressed with their “staying power”; the joint’s been there for decades.

  3. If it is still open, we certainly didn’t find it. Unless it’s gone all invisible or something. Maybe it’s a magical biker bar.

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