I’ll Link to That!…Also!

Conn-venturing (yes, Jay, Conn-venturing) is all the rage! Even the President is doing it! For those of you who don’t know, Barry visited the City of Stamford today where he toured a local landscaping business, then headed to a $1,000-a plate fundraiser for Senator Christopher Dodd. Well done, Mr. President. One down, 168 to go. We look forward to your blog post. Remember, we’re still one town ahead of you. We’ll see you on the trail.

Ironically, while the President is visiting Connecticut, Emme is visiting Chicago (whoa, ‘Freaky Friday’ much?) so, alas, there will be no 169 outing this weekend. While she’s gone I thought I’d hit you up with some links.  In Connecticut we’re apparently big on trails – such as the Connecticut Art Trail and the Connecticut Wine Trail. We’re definitely gonna be checking some of these places out. In the works is a visit to the New Britain Museum of American Art, which my poncey art enthusiast friends tell me has a great collection. I know exactly nothing about art, so look forward to that post.

Anyway, lets throw the Wine and Art trails up on the big board… er, small link column.


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