Blame it on the Icy Conditions

Readers, we have not forsaken you!  Emme and Elle are busy getting jobs and battling the icy conditions and, most traumatically, Emme is being convinced to bench Drew Brees in fantasy this week, which is fine because she doesn’t even LIKE Drew Brees, but she DOES like getting around a kajillion points for yesterday’s game.  And Elle is probably off having her Drew Brees jersey drycleaned cause, you know, you can’t just throw a sparkly bandwagon jersey in the wash.


But 169 was put on hiatus due to yesterday’s inclement conditions, though we will be back!  We’re still hoarding our Stonington memories, so those will be shared soon enough.  And Emme is venturing OUT of the Constitution State for a few days tis week, so maybe a Stonington review can tide you over when the separation anixety has you all in a tizzy.

Fret not, dear readers, we still love you.


2 responses to “Blame it on the Icy Conditions

  1. Ye scurvy dogs best be postin’ a Stonington review soon. Me tale must be told!

  2. Is it a bandwagon jersey if it’s purchased in a year the team goes 7-9? If so, I think it’s time for me to jump on the New York Mets bandwagon!

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