I’ll Link to That!

You may have noticed us slowly adding blogs onto our blogroll (to the right of this great post)…it’s a slow process, but our foray into the nutmeg blogosphere has definitely caused us to take note of some of the other greats.

In particular, we’d like to highlight our link to CTMuseumQuest.com, where one man decides to challenge all things cultured and visit EVERY museum in Connecticut.  (Even the Connecticut Hall of Fame in the Legislative Office Building which, we firmly agree, is seriously lacking.  How does it not include Oscar-winner Art Carney?!)  We’ve definitely been looking to his blog as we try to find the state’s hot spots and figure out where the heck Mystic is located.

We’re also opening the floor to other blogs, sites, links, what-may-have-you, that you think the OneSixNine girls ought to be aware of, as well as the other OneSixNine readers (if they exist).  Feel free to throw in a comment with your suggestions, and we’ll continue to plot our statewide domination and recognition of interesting blogs.  If you suggest a dumb blog, however, we may write a post about how dumb the blog is, thereby humiliating you.  (Like this guy, who tried to demean our great state by suggesting Art Carney’s Oscar was undeserved… uncalled for!)  But yeah, that’s pretty unlikely, as we have low standards, except for our standards for Oscar-winners.  Which are high.

Also, if you know what town Mystic is in, definitely let us know that, cause google maps?   Not helping.


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