I Don’t Know Why We Go To Extremes

Now that we’ve tackled First Town, it’s on to Second Town. Since we’ve dominated the Northwest corner of the state, it’s time to head to it’s geographical opposite, the Southeast corner. Emme and I decided our next town was going to be Mystic. Oh, but wait, turns out Mystic isn’t actually a town, but a census district within the towns of Groton and Stonington. After this and my earlier Lakeville epiphany, I’m starting to develop trust issues with Connecticut municipalities. I don’t even know what’s a town anymore.

Anyway, we’re thinking of visiting B.F. Clyde’s Cider Press and Mystic Seaport (or should I call you GROTON Seaport?)

Consider the floor open for suggestions.


6 responses to “I Don’t Know Why We Go To Extremes

  1. Oh, the mystery of CT town vs. villages vs. Census designated places. Storrs isn’t a town (part of Mansfield). Neither is Willimantic (part of Windham). Mystic is a good one. So is Danielson (part of Killingly). On and on it goes…

    The Seaport is MASSIVE. BF Clydes is really, really cool.

    But you’ve got to sort out if it’s in Stonington or Groton first.

  2. It’s not traditional Connecticut food, but Chester’s Barbecue in Groton is very good.


  3. What?! Romantic Willimantic isn’t a town?! I had no idea. I did know about Storrs/Mansfield and Danielson/Killingly (I had a boyfriend who lived in Dayville, a village of Killingly.)

    Speaking of eastern Connecticut, what’s with Jewett City? It’s not a city. It’s not even a town. It’s a borough of Griswold. Who names these places?

  4. You should have an interesting time of it all.

    Don’t miss the route of the leatherman

  5. There’s a map of his route here:


    Also – in Southington we have “the great nonconformity” ( some rock outcropping)

    The Apple Harvest Festival continues this weekend; it’s probably worth the visit.

    Having driven all over the state due to one occupation or another (generally sales) I know you’ll have and interesting time hitting all 169 towns. Moved here in `75 and I’ve had a wonderful time wandering around the place for the past 34 years with the exception of lower Fairfield County where the traffic is unbearable.

    Hope you don’t miss some of the last little diners such as Collins in No Canaan or Rosies in Groton.

    BTW , the diner with what the Food Network considers the best home made corn beef hash in the US in Southbury.

    Come to think of it, just hitting all the older diners that are still operating would be an interesting enough tour and you could probably write a book just on them.

    Most of the authentic older diners have their own coffee mugs you’ll notice. Many sell them too; I have several.

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