The Devil Wears Hiking Boots

Get ready for the most exciting thing to hit Salisbury since Meryl Streep moved to town — the ladies of OneSixNine will be starting their journey at Connecticut’s highest point. I guess it’s all downhill from here.

So if you happen to see two girls desperate for conversation, sights, activities, food, AND drink, it could very well be us. Or it could just be two really needy people. Either way, you’ve been warned.

Any suggestions for our trip? Post it in the comments!


4 responses to “The Devil Wears Hiking Boots

  1. “Downhill from here?” That’s a hiyo. At best.

  2. You actually WILL hike downhill to the CT highpoint from a higher point on Frissell in MA.

    Hmm… Salisbury… Check out the crazy house at 15 Belgo Road, stop in the library on Main Street – the oldest public library in the country!

    Food? Get coffee at Roast and eat at The Boathouse at Lakeville.

  3. Thanks, Steve. I’m intrigued by this house at 15 Belgo Road. What’s the story there?

  4. >>the oldest public library in the country!


    Depends, on the criteria.

    Oldest building housing a public library is the Sturgis Library on Cape Cod housed in what began as the home of the Rev. John Lothrop built in 1644.

    The Darby Free Library in Darby, Pennsylvania, is “America’s oldest public library, in continuous service since 1743.”

    Peterborough Town Library in Peterborough, New Hampshire, was the first tax-supported free public library not only in the United States but the world.

    Lucy Loomis, the Sturgis Librarian, (an interesting woman, on top of her game) has a list here:

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