The Challenge

A veteran Connecticutian and newfound Nutmegger take the Constitution State by storm, visiting all 169 municipalities in the state to figure out exactly what each of these communities has to offer.  Failure to contribute something to the state may result in that community being removed from the state map.  So either offer us a good time or prepare to join Rhode Island.

How do we know if your hometown is pulling its weight?  We’re going to follow a very scientific method.  On every journey, we will:

  1. See something.
  2. Do something.
  3. Eat something.
  4. Drink something.
  5. Talk to someone.

We’re going to try to keep costs down and dorkiness up.  If you have a recommendation for our visit to your area, PLEASE leave us comments.  If you think we’ve totally misjudged your neighborhood, let us know.  If you see us on your street, please don’t say hi to us.  We’re shy.

But wish us luck — there’s a lot of state to see!


2 responses to “The Challenge

  1. Impressive goal and I will be following along.

  2. I’ve lived in 5 CT towns in my life, which quite honestly is about 3 too many. But as a full supporter of Emme and Elle I would love to be of assistance.

    1. Bethel – my hometown. Also the birthplace of Meg Ryan, but obviously I am more famous. Things to see there? Blue Jay Orchards, Hollandia Nursery, Bethel Cinema… and Target, the biggest thing to happen there in 27 years (since I was born). Eating – hands down the BEST pizza of my life is Famous Pizza right int he heart on Greenwood Avenue. Have a beverage at Greenwood’s if it still exists. There is also an active car hop, Sycamore. – Perhaps a milk shake???

    2. Norwalk – my current home. I pay taxes, they owe me to be stellar. Is it? no comment. To do – Cranbury Park – play some frisbee golf. It’s legit and there is an English-style Mansion. The classiest part of town. There is a beach as well. Oh and Stew Leonard’s…it’s a pretty big deal. I suggest you See it. Many argue over the best food, Fat Cat Pie company is my favorite – Pizza, not apple or pumpkin. Also there is Sono Baking company should you be there early, they are bitter former Martha Stewart employees looking to take her down without serving time. I like their edge. And lastly, Chocopologie. It is serendipity esque so bring John Cusack.

    3. Bridgeport/Fairfield – oh college! Eat, Merritt Canteen is a must. There is a specific ordering style, be careful.

    4. Brookfield – parent’s abode. I know nothing, and I am comfortable with that.

    Cheers! and godspeed.

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